Why the name "Istmo"?

Born in Canada, Jadiel is proud of his unique and rich cultural background. His parents emigrated from Panama, instilling the importance of embracing his Afro Caribbean heritage and fluently speaking Spanish.

The most well-known "isthmus" is the Republic of Panama. It joins North America / Central America with South America. Definition of “Istmo” (Spanish for isthmus): a narrow strip of land connecting two larger masses of land. It is pronounced: eest-moh.

The same way the "Panama Canal" unites the world through commerce, "Istmo Productions unites the world through powerful storytelling"!

Their stories include dynamic, diverse, and memorable characters that undergo transformative arcs and their compelling narratives balance pertinent social issues with suspenseful cinematic themes. Their productions are based on drama, action, science-fiction, thriller, and dramedy, and are influenced by Latino/Hispanic and Afro Caribbean descent communities around the world.